Day 11


I went to the gym, did that horrible Cybex machine (at Level 3, strength, interval training, seven minutes, burning 75 calories…don’t judge…that machine is a beast), did some chest presses, an ab routine, which included three sets of planks (30 seconds) and I decided to swim.

One of the only reasons why I keep this gym membership is because of the pools. In the summer, the outside pool is amazing. They have classes, there’s a slide for the kids and a lap area for serious swimmers like myself.

I put on my black speedo swimsuit and my Seal Buddy cap and goggles and found an empty lane outside (this is tough at 8 in the morning, but I found one). I was going to take it slow and do 10 laps. I got in and the cold water felt good against the 85-degree heat. As I started on my first lap, I got a shooting pain in my right knee. It felt as if the lower part of my leg was going to fall off while doing the flutter kick. That kick is my go-to, pain-free kick. Not today.

I realized how out of shape I am and how much I have let myself go. I had not had a good swim in almost a year. I have done a couple of laps here and there, but putting in 10-20 laps at a good pace on a regular hasn’t been part of my routine for a while.

I did some stretches on the side of the pool to loosen up. I tried to do some deep knee bends under water. But the joint was on fire. I managed to get in two good laps before tapping out. I sat in the sauna for 15 minutes and left.

I’ll be back tomorrow!

I’m proud that I have exceeded 10,000 steps every single day on this 30-day challenge. And I lost another pound. I’m down 7 pounds in less than two weeks and outside of the knee pain, I feel great. I hope to be able to fit into the clothes I bought last winter for this summer because I’m not buying a bigger size!

How’s your 30-day challenge going? Check in with the #30Days hashtag on twitter and let me know your progress and even if you haven’t progressed much. We’re here for one another!


Originally posted 2018-07-03 15:37:23.

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