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    Day 25

    I got up early and rode my bike five miles. Being on the streets, you get to see all of the people walking, jogging, running. There were a few out biking like me and some at the tennis courts at the park near my home. It was nice seeing people moving their bodies and I […] More

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    Day 19

    When I was 23, I lost 45 pounds. It was the second time I had lost major weight in my life. When I was 16, I went from 240 pounds down to 180. That didn’t last very long. My mother kept asking me if I was sick. I guess she didn’t notice that I was […] More

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    Days 12 and 13

    Fat cells are a lot like a woman’s eggs. You have the exact amount of eggs you have for the rest of your life (or until you stop ovulating). If you have a baby at 40, that’s a 40-year-old egg you just fertilized. And the fat cells you have in your body, you’ve had since […] More

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    Day 11

    I went to the gym, did that horrible Cybex machine (at Level 3, strength, interval training, seven minutes, burning 75 calories…don’t judge…that machine is a beast), did some chest presses, an ab routine, which included three sets of planks (30 seconds) and I decided to swim. One of the only reasons why I keep this […] More

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    Day 14

    I had it all planned out, I was going to get up early go to the gym, swim 20 laps, get some oatmeal from Starbucks and have a really great day. I got on the scale, lost zero pounds, not even 0.2 ounces. Nada. Okay, no problem. I drank a glass of water (I should […] More

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    Days 8, 9 and 10

    Every night around 9 p.m. I look at my Vivofit only to see that I have barely put in 5000 of my 10,000 steps for the day. I promised myself daily that I would be more conscious and have at least 7,000 steps done by the time I got home from New York. But it […] More

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    Day 7

    I started this challenge seven days ago with the hope of losing 20 pounds by the end of 30 days. In one week, I have lost just 3 pounds. And while that’s a loss, I need to really step it up if I’m going to reach my goal. I know that the work I put […] More

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    Day 6

    There is a lot of back and forth over whether clocking 10,000 steps a day minimum will actually increase your longevity. It is believed that a Japanese pedometer manufacturer floated that myth to sell more devices. For me 10,000 is a baseline to force me to move my body. Over the last six days, I […] More

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    Day 4

    I got up early and went to the gym. According to my gym app, I had been to the gym a total of one day this month. That’s one day in 23 days! I realized that I have been very neglectful. I justified not going to the gym because I have a bike, a treadmill […] More

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    Day 3

    I had to step up my game today (pun intended). Spent most of the day on my ass in front of the computer and didn’t have time before the show to work out. By the time the show was over I had barely reached 5,000 steps. I didn’t want to spend an hour on the […] More

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    Day 2

    Dr. Jason Johnson dropped by The Karen Hunter Show unexpectedly yesterday. He wanted to grab a bite to eat after the show and I told him that I was on this 30-Day Challenge to lose 20 pounds, so we weren’t going to Del Frisco’s! I suggested we walk over Chloe’s, the vegan spot down the […] More

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    Day 1

    It was 9:45 p.m. and I looked at my Vivofit and it read 5545 steps. I needed more than 4000 more steps to reach 10,000! It took me the whole day just to get to the 5545. I was kicking myself. “Why didn’t I park a couple of more blocks away from the studio?” “Why […] More