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Sed Miles

An expat now living in Northeast Brazil, Sed Miles works hand in hand with working-class, Afro-Brazilian artists, activists and intellectuals fighting against Brazil’s systematic racial and class barriers using a Pan-African, intersectional pedagogy. Each week they will present dispatches from the archives that will bridge communities and be a resource for the future. The mission of the Archives is to help unite the Black diaspora through documenting, preserving, and sharing stories that represent the shared themes and experiences of working class Black people. The series will focus on Brazil and the United States, societies built and held together by generations of Africa’s unshakable children.

Afro Brazilians Love ‘Everybody Hates Chris’

It was unusually quiet one afternoon. The routine neighborhood bustle of the day had frozen. Waves of laughter echoed through the windows all around...

Embranquecimento: The ‘Whitening’ of Black Brazilians

Between the end of June and the first week of July, Brazil celebrates several annual holidays with a host of regional and national festivals. Sao...

Black Lives Matter: #VidasNegrasImportam

I love walking through neighborhoods in Salvador. It's a city of hills with surprises beyond each slope. During the summer of 2015, I took...

Brazil: A False Paradise

From the moment I disembarked the Aeromexico plane in Salvador in 2011, I was swatting away the stereotypical assumptions and exchanges which greeted the...

‘Ebony Goddess’: Atlantic Archives Brazil

This (in the picture above) is Lucimar Souza, the winner of the Ebony Goddess pageant in Salvador da Bahia,  Brazil in 2011. “Deusa do...

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