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South Africa has blasted the Africa Union's decision to reinstate Israel as an observer. South Africa did not hold back in a published letter to African Union Commission, stating that...

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Senegalese Musician Claims He Was Excluded From Olympic Opening Ceremony for Being ‘African’

A Senegalese musician claims he was prevented from performing at the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony because organizers did not want an "African" in the...

Get Your ‘Read’ On: 10 Black-Owned Bookstores — in the US and Beyond

There's no denying the importance of representation. Whether it's movies, television, music, or books, everyone should be able to see themselves reflected in the...

This Day in History: July 26th

Liberia Declares Independence The west African country of Liberia proclaimed its independence on July 26, 1847, making it the first democratic republic in African history....

The ZUMVI Archive: Preserving Black History in Brazil for 30 Years

Lazaro Roberto has been a mentor for the Atlantic Archives. He has worked for 30 years to preserve the history of Black Brazilians through...

Charles Sogli, the Tallest Man in Ghana’s Volta Region, Appeals for Customized Footwear

Charles Sogli stands at nearly eight feet tall making him the tallest man in Ghana's Volta region. Sogli hails from Ziope in the Agotime-Ziope District...


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Did You Know These 5 Inventions Were Made By Black Men?

Inventor and Entrepreneur Thomas L. Jennings became the first Black American to secure a patent in 1821 for his innovative dry-cleaning technique, dubbed “dry scouring.” With the profits from...

Nigerian Investment Platform Chaka Bags $1.5M in Pre-seed Funding

Nigerian investment platform Chaka announced the close of its $1.5 million pre-seed round to power digital investments for individuals and businesses. According to TechCrunch, the...

Did You Know These 5 Inventions Were Made By Black Women?

Since Judy Reed, inventor of the improved dough kneader and roller, and Sarah E. Goode, inventor of the hide-away bed, secured patents in 1884...

Jetstream Africa Blows Open Gateway to Smoother Intracontinental Trade

Jetstream Africa, a logistics service revolutionizing trade among African countries, attracted investors including Alitheia IDF—a venture capital firm focused on providing funding for women-owned...


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