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Businessman Jesse Blayton Sr Was Born Urban radio has been a powerful tool to inform and highlight members of the African-American community for decades. However, we did not see the...

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Museveni Surrenders Uganda’s Only International Airport to China Over Loan

This week, Uganda was forced to hand over control over the country's only international airport to China. In 2015, the Uganda government signed an agreement...

UK Trade Deals Are Still Not Benefitting Africa

The UK wrapped up its first-ever 'trade week' earlier this month. The European country used the week as an opportunity to forward its agenda to...

Atlantic Archives: Day of Black Consciousness

Saturday was the official Day of Black Consciousness in Brazil. Last week I discussed how the entire month of November has become known as...

US Lifts Sanctions on Burundi

The U.S. government removed sanctions placed on Burundi after six years. In 2015, then-president Barack Obama signed an executive order for the sanctions to be...

South Africa Declares Four Days of National Mourning for Controversial Former Leader, FW de Klerk

South Africa declared four days of mourning on Tuesday for FW de Klerk, the country's last apartheid-era president. "President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared that the...


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Musician Willie Taylor Headlines 360NFT Launch, Black-Owned Music NFT Platform

R&B artist Willie Taylor, of MTV's "Making the Band 4" and VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” is the debut artist of a new Black-owned NFT platform centered around...

Tech Tuesday: Mixed Reality Joins the Sports World

Mixed reality’s joining the sports world as the increased interest in competitive gaming is pushing companies to move beyond the physical realm. Mixed reality, the...

VR Technology and Dementia

Virtual reality is being used to transform how brain conditions such as dementia are being approached by offering a new method of treatment. While the...

Six Months After Launch of Lavender Book App, Black LGBT+ Safe Space Finder

Lavender evokes a sense of “pride,” “lushness” and “royalty” for Alex Kostura, the co-project lead of Out in Tech’s Lavender Book development team. Combining the...


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