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Monday, October 18, 2021
Last year was a heartbreaking one for the thousands of public school student-athletes across the five boroughs who suffered through a pandemic that robbed them of many things, including...

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Atlantic Archives: Brazil’s Most Dangerous Rap Group

Racionais MCs is Brazil’s most successful, influential and dangerous hip-hop group. The group was formed in the early 80s in Sao Paulo by the lead man,...

This Day in History: October 8th

The First African Woman To Receive The Nobel Peace Prize Renowned Kenyan scholar and activist, Wangari Maathai made history on October 8, 2004, when...

This Day in History: October 4th

The Kingdom of Lesotho Gains Full Independence The landlocked Kingdom of Lesotho was once home to the Sotho people during the 16th century. The territory...

Jamaica’s Charlyne Smith Makes University of Florida History

Jamaica's Charlyne Smith has made history at the University of Florida by becoming the first Black woman to be awarded a Ph.D. in nuclear...

UndocuBlack: Here Is How You Can Show Up for Black Immigrants and Support Their Cause

In response to the escalating crisis and anti-Black cruelty witnessed at the border, the Undocublack Network, Haitian Bridge Alliance, the Movement for Black Lives...


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Netflix Backs Dave Chappelle and ‘The Closer’ Amid Backlash

Netflix is standing by Dave Chappelle and his controversial new Netflix special, "The Closer," following its colossal backlash. Chappelle's run of Netflix specials has proven to be highly controversial, but...

Nas Announces Hip-Hop Storytelling MasterClass

Hip-hop legend Nas has announced a MasterClass on hip-hop storytelling. In the new online course, which kicks off Oct. 14., Nas said he would create...

Google to Invest $1bn in Africa to Boost Internet Speeds

Google is investing $1 billion to support "digital transformation" across Africa and help boost the country's internet speeds. The company says it will land a...

Singer Ryan Leslie Flipped $100k of Apple Stock into $16m

R&B singer Ryan Leslie shared that an early Apple investment made him millions of dollars, thanks to his mentor. During an episode of the "Earn...


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