Day 28

Three Things I Discovered During This 30-Day Challenge

Working out everyday, I have been sweating more (that, and it has been 90-degrees a lot). I’m doing a more laundry over these last 28 days and I have also discovered a new hair product. It’s not new, just new to me. Miss Jessie’s Honey Curls. I don’t have wash-and-wear hair. It looks great when it’s wet but when it’s dry, I look like Frederick Douglass on a bad day. It’s crunchy and hard and looks crunchy and hard. After swimming or 20 minutes in the sauna, I’ll hop in the shower, I may do a co-wash and I pull back my hair with a scrunchie.

Last week, we got a box of goodies after Clay Cane had Miss Jessie on his show (noon-1 p.m. ET on SiriusXM Urban View) and I snagged the Honey Curls. I didn’t believe it would work because nothing really has, but after a swim and a shower, I towel dried and put a generous amount in and…not bad. Not bad at all. I’ve been playing around with scarves and headbands and leaving it out, but I like that I have some options now. Thank you, Miss Jessie!

The second thing I discovered over the last 28 days is that my eczema (and I need to stop calling it mine because I do not want to own it) has completely cleared up. I had offered a soothing remedy on my show for people who suffer from outbreaks. I got a nice Himalayan salt scrub from Whole Foods that is like magic. It doesn’t “cure” the eczema but it makes the dry, itchy patches feel a lot better. If you don’t want to spend $20 on a salt scrub, olive oil mixed with Himalyan sea salt (enough to make a paste that you can spread on your areas) will work just as well.

I haven’t needed to use either over these last 28 days and I usually get an itchy outbreak on my hands especially in the heat. But all of my trouble spots have cleared up. I could point to my clean diet. I think the real culprit, however, is my probiotic. I have taken probiotics on occasion. But I made a commitment to take it every day for 30 days just to see. I used the Ultimate Flora Probiotic Extra Care with 50 billion live cultures. I have used the one with 90 billion live cultures. But I decided if I was going to take one every day, I didn’t need 90 billion. I get this product from Whole Foods. It’s in their vitamin aisle in a refrigerator, which is where I keep mine.

I read a bunch of articles and even Dr. Pam Popper and I discussed that eczema is related to a poor gut health. Dr. Popper told me that eczema was an autoimmune disease and that most autoimmune diseases are connected to an unhealthy gut and if you have one autoimmune disease you are likely to have more (eczema, lupus, arthritis, etc.). I know that stress and a bad diet impacts eczema, but I had never taken a probiotic consistently enough to see if a healthy gut could cure it…until now. The (not my) eczema is completely gone.

The third thing that I discovered over the last 28 days is that I can fit into some of the clothes (and underwear) that were a little snug last month. YAY! I’m almost 12 pounds in the loss column. My goal was 20 pounds. I’m going to continue until I reach the 20 pound loss and beyond. I want to lose 20 more after that.

This was a jump start to put me on track for the rest of my life. They it takes 21 days to break a habit, 28 days to form a new one. My 10,000 steps is now a habit, so is taking probiotics. I’m looking to set a new minimum of 1200 steps for next month.

How are you doing with you #30Days? You can leave a comment here.



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