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Veronika Lleshi

Veronika Lleshi is an aspiring journalist. Based in Hunter College, she currently writes for the school newspaper, Hunter News Now. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and making music. As an Athena scholar, she enjoys getting involved in her community.

Tech Tuesday: Mixed Reality Joins the Sports World

Mixed reality’s joining the sports world as the increased interest in competitive gaming is pushing companies to move beyond the physical realm. Mixed reality, the...

VR Technology and Dementia

Virtual reality is being used to transform how brain conditions such as dementia are being approached by offering a new method of treatment. While the...

How VR Technology Is Shaping the Modern World

The sun glistens on the clear blue waters of Cancun, Mexico, as the palm trees sway in the back. Seagulls squawk in the background...

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