Day 3

I Took My Workout To The Streets and Hit The Track

I had to step up my game today (pun intended). Spent most of the day on my ass in front of the computer and didn’t have time before the show to work out. By the time the show was over I had barely reached 5,000 steps. I didn’t want to spend an hour on the treadmill, so I took my game to the streets and hit a local trail, actually it’s a track around a beautiful lake and there is a trail in the woods. But I did the track, which is about two miles.

I hadn’t walked this path in more than a year and hadn’t really worked out in more than three months. (I don’t consider my sporadic couple of visits to the gym and my occasional bike ride in my neighborhood, nor walking on the treadmill working out…that’s for me…for my body).

I started out strong, but as I hit the halfway mark, I thought my right foot was going to fall off (doggone bunion!). I limped along, fighting the gnats and moving out of the way of all of those in-shape people running and jogging and I finished.

I did more than 6,000 steps around that park track and finished the day with the most steps since I started this 30-day challenge—12,408.

I had eaten dinner before the walk—a taco salad from Chloe’s. Why’d did Satan try to temp with a piece of banana bread fresh out of the oven? I was strong and had none of it! I did eat a little too much for breakfast—a couple of bowls of Morning O’s with almond milk. That stuff is like crack. You cannot have just one bowl. For lunch, I had a large cauliflower and corn soup from Chloe’s (I think they should start advertising soon, right?).

I took my supplements, drank lots of water and went to bed happily expecting to see some real results when I got on the scale. Not only did I not lose any weight, I gained 0.1 pound! I want to be discouraged and say, “What’s the point!” But I know the work I’m doing now will not be seen for a week or maybe two weeks. You don’t plant a seed in the ground and expect to see a shoot within a week, let alone fruit. This is about being consistent and faithful.

I am going to continue to raise the bar and not fall back (at least not over these next 27 days). And I will have a breakthrough! Check me out on Instagram where I have a video from last night’s walk (when I started. I was in no shape to video afterward). And follow me on Twitter and let me know how you’re doing with your 30-day challenge. Please use the hashtag #30Days so I can search and find you.


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