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Wellness Wednesday: Organic or Not?

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Should you buy organic or not? That’s a big question I get when everyone finds out I’ve been eating plant-based for 30-plus years. The answer is to buy organic produce whenever you can. It’s better quality produced, which means a higher price tag, so your financial resources come into play.  But there’s a little more to think about.

The absolute best option is to sell all your worldly possessions and buy a fertile plot of land somewhere in the world. 

Farm your own land by the sweat of your brow, without pesticides and genetic modification, and eat what you grow.  That’s an extremely loft ambition that requires massive financial resources, forethought and knowing where to find that fertile plot of land. Most people I know wouldn’t consider that a viable option.  

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Your next best option is buying from an organic farmer’s market. 

You know that the produce was raised in your area and there were no pesticides used to grow them. The only challenge you’d have is you’d be subject to what is grown and indigenous to your area. For instance, oranges and avocados don’t grow in the northeast, therefore what do you do when you want orange juice and guacamole? Your options would be limited and your tastebuds unsatisfied.

The third best option is buying organic produce from your local grocery store when it’s available, which is the option most people will take. Your favorite produce can be imported if it’s not grown in your area, so you’ll have more access to what you want when you want it.  You can certainly taste the difference in most organic produce compared to non-organic produce. 

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The question is whether you can afford it or not.  

A lot of the people I speak to don’t have deep wallets, so it’s understandable that they won’t buy organic produce. There are also plenty of food deserts to navigate through, so accessibility is a hindrance. That said, if it’s affordable and it’s near you, go organic.  

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