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Wellness Wednesday: Make Your Own Nut Milk

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Kirk Charleshttp://KirkCharles.com
Kirk Charles is a personal trainer who specializes in wellness. He is a 30-year vegan.

When I speak to clients about transitioning their families to plant-based eating I always stress that dairy must be eliminated. Most people lose the ability to digest the lactose in milk after infancy. Based on that, 65% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant, with some ethnic groups over a 90% intolerance rate. On top of that, many people are allergic to cow’s milk, which is the leading cause of allergic reactions in young children.  

If you can’t digest milk and you’re allergic to it, what do you do when someone in the family demands it? Milk has no place in my life, but there are many nut milks you can choose from if you feel you must have it, like cashews, macadamias, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. 

However, most of the nut milks on the market have added chemicals, oil and sugar to make them tolerable or “tasty.”  Plus, they can be costly, usually at a minimum of $2.50 per quart. In fact, the only one that I saw at my local Whole Foods that was unsweetened, with little to no added chemicals, was Elmhurst brand plant milks, at a whopping price of $5.95 per quart. 

All of that said, I’ve decided to make my own nut or plant milk to free myself from the chemicals, added sugar and whatever else could harm me over the long term.  All you need are nuts, water and dates (if you want it sweetened). Throw those ingredients in a blender and it’s a done deal in five minutes.  

Take a look at this Cashew Milk video to see how easy it is to make. 

Each week I prepare something plant-based with no oil, refined sugar or added chemicals for my Fit Beyond 40 Food Prep Class. There’s no need to subject yourself to the hazards of animal products or man-made plant-based products with hazardous chemicals. 

You can get more information at https://www.kirkcharles.com.

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