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Black-Owned FitTech Company on a Mission to Fix Healthcare for African Americans

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JunBugg Fitness Social Network, Wall Street’s “first and only luxury social media brand,” announced the launch of its NextGen fitness website, which is poised to revolutionize healthcare for Black Americans as we know it.

Founded by Louis Green, JunBugg integrates entertainment into health by sharing unique fitness solutions related to a person’s body type using social engagement with members of similar health conditions and body types who share fitness strategies and medical solutions to get fit.

It takes a village.

Green began playing Pop Warner football for the Oak Cliff Mustangs, where he recognized that camaraderie and “teamwork” lead to massive wins. While playing in college, he often wondered why weight gain was difficult for him. Green did a deep dive into body types where he learned that an ectomorph body type — a slender body and fast metabolism.

He discovered very early on that there is no one set path to “fitness wealth.”

And teamwork is what JunBugg is all about.

JunBugg’s boutique membership offerings range between $30 and $500 a month and are comparable to other boutique studios and fitness services, such as — Equinox, SoulCycle, Peloton, and YogaWorks.

“It’s all about fitness wealth and a higher quality of life. The first of its kind, JunBugg will forever change fitness and healthcare,” said Louis. “People are an amazing resource that’s never been used in this way — through the power of social media technology, to solve health problems through entertainment.”

You can find more information about Louis Green’s JunBugg subscription service here.

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