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Wellness Wednesday: Fight the Resistance!

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Kirk Charleshttp://KirkCharles.com
Kirk Charles is a personal trainer who specializes in wellness. He is a 30-year vegan.

An older friend, about 75 years of age, was in need of some dental work. Over a few months, she had almost all her teeth pulled and was given temporary teeth, mostly for aesthetic purposes. Sadly she had to change her eating habits as she was unable to eat many things that she would have to chew.

The blessing is that she ate a lot of vegetable soup and mashed up veggies. Her favorite things that were immediately put aside were cookies and potato chips. After giving them up for about a month she noticed she lost weight. She had much better digestion. She said her elimination was better—no more straining to get hard poop out and into the toilet bowl. It appeared to be a blessing that she was forced to change her eating habits and get more veggies into her system.

This is a common story that I’ve heard a million times over my 30-plus years of plant-based eating. A person is resistant to any dietary change.

He suffers with his current diet, maybe being overweight, bad skin, joint inflammation, etcetera. Then a life event forces a dietary change, like a dental procedure, heart attack, a diabetes diagnosis, etcetera. The person reluctantly makes the dietary change.

Lo and behold, in a short period of time, that person feels miraculously better in some way.

Maybe joint inflammation is relieved or he starts breathing easier. Maybe he has more energy or his skin clears up. The bottom line is something positive always seems to happen. And, to top it off, he starts enjoying his veggies!

The point is to not be resistant to new ideas regarding how food greatly affects your existence. The most popular presentation I do is The Immediate Effects of Plant-Based Eating. I came up with the title because when a person gets immediate results, without really trying, he or she is easily convinced that the process is worth it.

That said, you can immediately clear up many physical or metabolic challenges you have by simply embracing the power of plant-based eating.

It doesn’t take much effort or time…and it works!

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