Wellness Wednesday: Should We Go Beyond Fried Chicken?


Kentucky Fried Chicken is now offering Beyond Fried Chicken at about 4,000 locations across the United States to give flexitarians a “healthier” alternative to chicken meat and hopefully to save the planet. 

We all know that fast food is rife with manufactured chemicals like additives, preservatives, colorings and emulsifiers to make the taste consistent and extend shelf life. 

So, if we put all of those chemicals in a soy and pea product like Beyond Meat, is that better for you than an actual chicken?

We must put on our thinking caps and ask what makes fast food so dangerous to the human body? Yes, I believe that eating plants is much more healthful than eating animals. However, consuming chemicals like additives, preservatives, colorings and emulsifiers is poisonous in the long term. 

If you eat Beyond Fried Chicken you probably won’t drop dead in the next few hours, but if you continue to eat it and other fast food products consistently, you run the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.  

The challenge is that we must think long-term when it comes to health.  It’s hard to imagine yourself twenty years from now, but take a look at people who are twenty years older than you and have neglected their bodies. 

If you do what they have done, you will most likely suffer from the same metabolic diseases they have. Therefore, we can’t fall for the “healthier alternative” marketing message when the alternative is not food, but chemicals, not designed for the human body.  

Eating food, not chemicals, is always the healthier alternative.

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