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How Meal Kit Services Can Help You Go Vegan

For the person on the go, meal kit delivery services may be tailor-made for you. Companies like Green Chef, HelloFresh and the Purple Carrot...

Veggies Are High in Protein!

Being a staunch vegan advocate for the last 30+ years, I’ve had thousands of people asking me, “Where do you get your protein from?” I’m...

Are Humans Herbivores or Carnivores?

Dr. Milton Mills is a vegan/plant-based physician featured in the movie What the Health. He also gives the most compelling presentation, Are Humans Designed to...

Is it Safe or Unsafe?

When first converting to veganism, the natural tendency is to consume all of the fake meat and cheese products you can shove into your...

Immediate Effects of Plant-Based Eating

One of the best things about converting to plant-based eating is that you can get immediate positive results. When I do corporate presentations, I...

“What The Health” Doc Talks Veganism

In an interview on The Karen Hunter Show with Sylvia K. Alston, Dr. Michelle McMacken, featured on Netflix documentary What The Health, discusses the...

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