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How Meal Kit Services Can Help You Go Vegan


For the person on the go, meal kit delivery services may be tailor-made for you. Companies like Green Chef, HelloFresh and the Purple Carrot have popped up over the last few years to give you the recipes you may be craving for from restaurants but you don’t know how to recreate at home.

Plus, if you want to convert to plant-based eating, your odds of success are greater when the process is simplified.

Here are my top five reasons to use meal kit services to help convert to plant-based eating…

You don’t have to think about it.

One of the biggest hindrances to converting to plant-based eating is most people don’t have a clue about what vegetables to cook to produce good-tasting food. That means the mind must go to work, which is the last thing most people want after a long day of work. With meal kit delivery services, there’s no thinking involved, just following directions.

You save time. Many people hate shopping at the grocery store. Creating a list, driving there, picking out food, waiting in line—it can be a big waste of time for a person with little time. When a meal kit is dropped off at your front door, it may bring a smile to your face!

Portion control. Many people feel the reason they’re overweight or unhealthy is because they’re eating too much. If that’s a concern, your meal kit has a fixed portion that limits your food consumption. One question that is asked upfront is, “How many people is this meal for?”

As long as you’re disciplined enough to order for the right number of people, you should have no problem over-eating.

Greater nutritional value. For the person who is into counting calories and including certain vitamins and minerals in his or her diet, all of that is detailed for you. We now live in a world where people want a plethora of information about the food they eat. If the meal kit service has done all the work for you, you’ll save lots of mental anguish.

Cooking is fun. For those who would like to cook but don’t know how –meal kit services may ignite the “joy of cooking” in you. People like new things, they like to learn new tricks, they like to open boxes and discover what is in them. There’s a certain intrigue that’s dropped off right to your doorstep. It can make a chore a fun activity for your family.

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