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Are Humans Herbivores or Carnivores?

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Kirk Charles
Kirk Charleshttp://KirkCharles.com
Kirk Charles is a personal trainer who specializes in wellness. He is a 30-year vegan.

Dr. Milton Mills is a vegan/plant-based physician featured in the movie What the Health.

He also gives the most compelling presentation, Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat? (https://youtu.be/NMN1Zo_c7_A), that’s helped many understand why eating vegan/plant-based is natural for humans. Based on his presentation, I’ll give you two solid reasons you may not have considered to go vegan/plant-based and stay away from putrefactive animal flesh for food.

Your teeth are made for grinding, not slicing. If you look at the molars of a carnivore, you’ll notice that they slide across each other like a pair of scissors. They are also sharp. When a carnivore like a tiger catches its prey, its molars are perfectly formed to slice into animal flesh and crack bones. Human molars, like other herbivores, sit on top of each other like a nutcracker and are made for grinding food. Our jaws are also able to move from side to side to help with the grinding and chewing process. You’ll also notice that carnivores don’t chew. They bite off and swallow their prey, while herbivores chew (masticate) to begin the digestive process.

If you have a dog or cat (carnivores), take a look at its molars, and you’ll see how they slide across each other. Also, when was the last time you saw your dog or cat chewing for a long period of time on its food like a cow or horse (herbivores)? It doesn’t happen.

Your skeleton is ideal for picking fruits and vegetables. The human skeleton is made for standing for long periods of time, which facilitates walking long distances and picking fruit. If you look at the ankle and knee joints of many herbivores (horses, cows, dear), you’ll notice the bones at the knee joint stack on top of each other. That makes it easier to stand for longer periods of time because all you must do is balance without your muscles fighting gravity.

On the contrary, the knee joint of a carnivore is flexed while standing, which makes standing for long periods of time exhausting. As an experiment, stand up straight with your knees locked and grab your thighs. You’ll notice your quads are soft and not working at all. Now, bend your knees slightly, and you’ll notice your quads are instantly activated.

No one can stand for hours with their knees bent because your quad muscles must fight gravity, not balancing on your skeleton. That is why certain herbivores (horses and cows) can even sleep in a standing position, while carnivores (dogs and cats) sit or lay down most of the time to conserve energy.

If you need many more reasons, check out Dr. Mills’ video. There’s nothing about the human body that suggests we should be eating meat products. We’re just not designed for it. It’s a must-see presentation that will surely shed some light on the subject!

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