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    Net Worth Update

    May was a month of change for my personal economy and while I don’t always love change, I work to keep myself mentally ready for it because change is inevitable. This month I moved from Capital One/ Sharebuilder to Ally Investments. While the process was painless, it was still a long process from start to […] More

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    February 2018 Net Worth Update

    We haven’t had a stock market like this in almost nine years. This February was the first time in nearly a decade the market seriously headed downward. It made me grateful that February is a short month because the market didn’t have a chance to be as dramatic as it wanted to be. I’m down […] More

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    January 2018 Net Worth Update

    Financially, it was a rough January for me. I had a few things on the to-do list that I had been holding off on because they were expensive. Expensive for me. All told, the to-do list will cost me $1,700 dollars and while I’m grateful that I have the means to do what needs to […] More