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NFL Players Show Compassion

Norman and Davis Deliver Toys and Supplies Kids in Detention Camps

Josh Norman and Demario Davis from Twitter

NFL star cornerback Josh Norman and linebacker Demario Davis are known for tackling ball carriers. But a late-night stop at a Walmart proved they also can tackle issues far beyond the gridiron.

The players bought a stockpile of toys, school supplies, and living essentials for migrant children who were separated from their families at the southern border. Norman chronicled the 3 a.m shopping spree on his Instagram story as the men filled several carts at a department store in San Antonio early Wednesday morning.

“We’re here to save the world,” Davis said in a recorded message on Norman’s social feed. Davis signed with the New Orleans Saints in the offseason. He led the Jets in tackles last season. While Norman started 14 games for Washington in 2017.



The good deeds were part of a collaborative effort with the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, also known as RAICES. The Texas-based nonprofit organization provides legal services to immigrant children, families and refugees. The Trump administration created a crisis at the southern border when it took at least 2,300 detained kids away from their parents. It was part of the federal government’s “zero tolerance” initiative to combat illegal border crossings. President Trump reversed the policy of splitting families in an executive order last week. But it’s unclear how the administration plans to reunite the kids with their parents.

In a tweet, a spokesperson for RAICES says Davis and Morgan arrived at a bus station with a van full of supplies to deliver to refugee families released from detention. The players gave each child a personally-assembled backpack care package.



“We’re just here being about the action for these kids,” said Morgan in one of his posts.

In a tweet posted by RAICE, Davis is quoted as saying “If you see something wrong, you stand up and do something about it.”

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