Juwan Howard Agrees to Contract Extension With Michigan


Earlier this week, the University of Michigan announced they reached an extension agreement with Juwan Howard.

Howard, who returned to his alma mater as their head coach in May of 2019, agreed to a five-year extension that becomes effective immediately.

“I’m honored to be regarded in such a way that the University wished to continue a lasting relationship with me,” said Howard. “It was a surprise when Warde approached me, and it didn’t take long for us to get on the same page. I’m grateful to him, our great University and my talented young men who sacrifice every day. The love I have for the University of Michigan is beyond words.”

According to the AP, the deal is worth over $16.9 million.

Per a public records request, Howard’s extension nets him $3.25 million the first year of the contract. In the following years, it increases to $3.32 million, $3.38 million, $3.45 million and $3.52 million.

It’s a much-deserved honor for a man who did so much for the program and the university.

Howard was a member of the Fab Five that elevated the university’s basketball program to new heights only two years after the program won its first national championship in 1989.

Together with Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson, the Fab Five became an iconic cultural phenomenon. And while their accomplishments were snatched away after an NCAA investigation, their impact on both the university and the sport is undeniable.

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