Waka Flocka Is Teaching Himself How to Farm


Waka Flocka has shared that he is teaching himself how to farm.

The rapper took to TikTik to share videos of his newest venture. In one video, the “Hard in da Paint,” rapper shows off several bundles of hay which he then feeds to his cows.


Man nature so beautiful #eachoneteachone i’ll takeoff what y’all call celebrity life… Materials and everything that I got to show y’all 🤞🏾

♬ original sound – Waka Flocka

Last year, the rapper, an avid Donald Trump supporter, received a lifetime achievement award from the then-president, in his hometown of Atlanta. Waka was presented the award by Apostle Dr. Bridget Outlaw.

Waka also shared a clip of himself exiting a Home Depot. “I told myself I’mma learn how to farm, bruh,” he says directly to the camera. The video was captioned, “Just a good o day.”

This year, President Joe Biden unveiled his administration’s stimulus relief package, which would pay billions of dollars to disadvantaged farmers. Approximately half of the $10.4 billion in the American Rescue Plan would support disadvantaged farmers — a quarter of underprivileged farmers are Black.

In June, two federal judges halted a $4 billion federal loan forgiveness program for farmers of color, ruling the bill could be “unconstitutional.” Lawsuits were filed by angry white farmers who until now, have received virtually all funding available to farmers. The Washington Post reports that nearly 100% of an $8.5 billion investment in trade war offsets went to white farmers during the Trump administration.

According to Mother Jones, in 1920, nearly a million Black farmers worked on 41.4 million acres of land, making up a seventh of farm owners. In 2021, just 1.4% of the nation’s farm owners are Black, owning just 4.7 million acres—a nearly 90% loss.

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