Ghana-Based App Allows Diasporans to Farm Remotely


A revolutionary app is allowing diasporans to purchase and run their own farms remotely.

Complete Farmer was created and developed by Desmond Koney and features social features to enable friends and family to collectively own farms across the continent.

The Agritech application was founded in 2017, and according to Business & Financial Times, offers an “end-to-end digital marketplace that enables global industries to source agriculture commodities – grown to their specifications, and is available to users from all over the world using IoT, big data, and blockchain technology.”

“With the rise of B2B e-commerce, expectations of B2B buyers are changing. The rise of the Amazons, Ubers, Googles and the other big tech giants of this world are changing mindsets of commodity buyers – who now expect an easy comparison of suppliers, seamless online ordering processes and convenient deliveries,” said Coney in a statement. “In an always-connected world where data is the new oil, commodity buyers also expect and deserve much more transparency in the production process”.

Buyers have access to an exclusive supply of agriculture commodities delivered to their preferred location and grown to their desired specifications. No middlemen involved.

The app uses satellite and IoT technologies to collect crop insights to optimize crop growth, supply chains, and farm management.

The origins of Complete Farmer run deep for the company’s CEO.

“Complete Farmer started as an effort to honor my father’s legacy after inheriting his farm when he passed away. I wanted to apply my production engineering skills to revive the farm. This moment sparked the current Complete Farmer journey as I realized challenges that were prevalent in the agriculture value chain,” Koney penned in an open letter published on Medium in February.

He says Complete Farmer will continue to expand its operations.

“Complete Farmer’s vision is to create a world that eats together by working together. We are relentless and determined to push the boundaries of what is possible. This year our targets are high and we look forward to more future success with our platform. Look forward to seeing Complete Farmer start operations in Kenya and Togo as we scale across Africa.”

Originally posted 2021-04-27 10:01:23.

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