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Michael Jackson Changed The World

5 Times The King of Pop Proved He Was Our Favorite Childhood Superhero

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There are very few who have impacted the world in such a powerful way that the Earth is shaken to its core. Michael Jackson went from a child star to a teenage heartthrob, to living a legend, eventually obtaining demi-god like status.

Today marks what would be his 60th birthday.

We pay tribute to the legendary artist and the greatest superhero of them all.

He Is The Reason We All Attempted The Moonwalk

Donning his trademark silver sequinned glove, a black sequined blazer, black pants, white socks and shiny black shoes, Michael Jackson first performed the Moonwalk live during a performance of “Billie Jean” on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on Mar. 25, 1983. The world looked on, jaw in hands as the King of Pop glided effortlessly across the stage.

That moment spawned a plenitude of generations of kids across the globe to emulate the popstar’s flawless move. No self-respecting Jackson fan would ever deny practicing the Moonwalk in the mirror or across their grandma’s kitchen floor.

Who needs Superman when you can be just like Mike?

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