T.I. To Boycott NFL

Rapper Says Fans Should Use Their Power To Force Change

T.I. from Instagram

Clifford Harris Jr. aka T.I. said he will be boycotting the upcoming season of the NFL for punishing players who want to peacefully police brutality.

In an interview the Jemele Hill at BET’s BET Experience this weekend, T.I. said he believes the players’ rights are being violated and that the NFL is targeting players from The Global Majority.

“I think there’s a violation of constitutional rights being implemented to minority players who choose to have a peaceful silent protest,” he told Hill. “It’s really like you want us to shut up and take what we got coming to us in our communities, and that’s just not acceptable. And if that’s what you think about us, why should we really spend our money and show our extreme support of your corporation?”

T.I., 37, feels that the fans have the power to make the NFL take a different position on the knee stance and stop police violence against civilians.

“We gotta go to the corporations, stop spending our dollars with them until they press the politicians who press the police to do what we need to do until they respect our lives and consider us as equals or else they don’t deserve our dollars,” he said.

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