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Maintaining a Peaceful Existence in the Workplace and Beyond

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We are exposed to more information in a day than a person 100 years ago had been their entire life. This overabundance of data, intel and sometimes beneficial knowledge profoundly affects our states of peace (or lack thereof.)

The one thing that can make or break our sense of peace in oneself is often overlooked and, in most cases, never even thought of.

Many things can be attributed to someone maintaining a peaceful state throughout their day. Breathing techniques, calming music and being mindful of your company can be valuable tools. Ample amounts of sleep, a good diet, exercise and practicing gratitude are all effective approaches to achieving your peaceful Zen space in 2022 and beyond.

But nothing will secure peace in your life more than the consistent practice of being a practitioner of stating your intentions at the start of your day and constantly referring back to them throughout your day. Intentions have more of an impact on you maintaining peace in your life than even goal setting.

“A goal is the desired outcome you wish to attain further into the future. An intention is a chosen theme that allows you to create alignment in your life,” -Omar Itani

Stating your intentions helps you to focus on the now, which is a crucial ingredient crucial to attaining and being at peace. A big part of what distracts us or creates anxiety and anguish is being stuck in past events or being worried about what the future holds in store for us. When you focus on your intentions of being at peace, it anchors and allows you to be present to the most essential part of your timeline—your present.

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Intentions are like a superpower in that way. When you are not stuck in the past or anxious about the future, you can focus your energy on dealing with whatever is trying to steal your peace from you in the present. Many would affirm that our first priority in life is to protect our peace since with it, you can have the power to endure and accomplish what seems to be impossible.

Some studies state that your body is 90% water. Dr. Masaru Emotothat conducted a study proving that water can be influenced by intention and thought.

This further highlights the effectiveness and immediacy that occurs when you make intentions and keep that focus throughout your day, how it has real life and real-time effects on your whole being, and can even positively or negatively affect those around you.

Experts estimate that the mind has between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 ā€“ 3,300 thoughts per hour. Your intentions help determine how many of those thousands of thoughts are empowered to maintain, keep and protect your peaceā€¦or do the opposite.

Enjoy this short story about the difference in an outcome depending on someone’s intentions:

A simpleton villager heard that Satan that he bewitches people into committing mischief and leads them astray. Angered by this, the villager picked up his ax and left home looking for Satan, determined to exterminate him forever. While he was on his way, he met Satan. As he raised his ax, Satan pleaded with him to spare his life in lieu of a monthly sum of gold coins. The villager thought about it and accepted the offer and went back home.

For three months, Satan sent him the sum regularly. However, in the fourth month, the payment didn’t arrive. Infuriated, he picked up the ax again, looking to teach Satan a lesson. On his way, he met Satan again, who was looking much stronger than before. “Why did you stop the payments. Don’t you see my ax?” the villager exclaimed as he waved his ax.

“The first time we met, your intentions were to kill me for the benefit of humankind,” Satan replied. “I was scared of your honesty, never your ax. However, now you are here not for the benefit of people but for your greed. I am no longer scared and if you take a small step, I will tear you apart into pieces!”

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Being at peace is attainable in 2022. The cost is to live, breathe and be your intentions.

Words by Kaba Abdul Fattaah.

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