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GOP Controlled Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Require National Anthem at Sporting Events


As adamant as Republicans are about not injecting politics into sports, they seem to do it more often than not. This week, they did it again and used the anthem as their rallying cry.

In Wisconsin, Republican state Rep. Tony Kurtz put forth a bill that would require the national anthem to be played before all sporting events at state venues and at arenas receiving taxpayer dollars.

“I strongly believe we need to play it, particularly where we’re at now in our country,” said Kurtz.

Kurtz’s bill is general in terms of where it could be instituted. So it could include events like youth soccer games and league softball games.

While there are no punishments for not playing the anthem, Kurtz has taken a hypocritical stance with his bill.

“I don’t want to make it enforceable,” said Kurtz. “I want people to voluntarily do that.”

He wants to put it in the people’s hands, yet he is forcing them to accept it and enforce it. That’s far from voluntary.

Kurtz’s actions stem directly from Mavericks’ owner Marc Cuban’s decision not to play the anthem at their home games. He said the bill is for those who disagree with Cuban.

But there are some who questioned and/or voted against Kurtz’s bill, including Assembly Democrats.

“As much as I respect our flag, as much as I believe in this country, as much as I believe in our freedom, I’m not sure it makes sense to mandate that it be played,” said Rep. Lisa Surbeck.

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Originally posted 2021-05-14 13:15:00.

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