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Colin Kaepernick Recalls ‘Problematic’ Moments With White Adoptive Parents’

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Colin Kaepernick reflected on his childhood with white adoptive parents. The former NFL quarterback says that while their love was always evident, their actions were sometimes deeply “problematic.”

“I know my parents loved me. But there were still very problematic things that I went through,” Kaepernick told CBS Mornings while promoting his brand new graphic novel, “Change the Game.”

“I think it was important to show that, no, this can happen in your own home, and how we move forward collectively while addressing the racism that is being perpetuated,” the 35-year-old added.

Kaepernick shared a moment from his childhood. He told his parents that he wanted to get cornrows. Sadly, his mother refused, insisting that the hairstyle was “unprofessional” and that he would look like “a little thug.”

Kaepernick made headlines around the globe in 2016 when he remained seated during the national anthem before a 49ers game in an effort to raise awareness about systemic racism and police brutality. Kaepernick’s protest continued in the following weeks, and when he kneeled during the anthem, the NBA took action— essentially blackballing him from the league.

“I wish I had more books with lead characters that looked like me and spoke to the situations that I was dealing with and going through,” he told PEOPLE.

In Change the Game, Kaepernick describes the agonizing choice between football and baseball.

“The hardest part of writing this book was being meticulous in the delivery of the stories we are telling to make sure that the conveyed message is received as intended by the reader,” Kaepernick said. “I really enjoyed the process of creation. In many ways it felt like a puzzle and making sure all of the pieces fit in the right place to reveal a bigger picture.”

You can purchase Change the Game by clicking here.

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