Dak Prescott’s 2020 Was a Year to Never Remember


Dak Prescott was off to a great start in his NFL career.

In four seasons as the Cowboys quarterback, he had thrown for 15,778 yards, 97 TDs, and 36 INTs. In 2019 alone he threw for 4,902 yards, 30 TDs, and 11 INTs. He was a 2x Pro Bowler and his future seemed bright.

Then 2020 arrived.

Dak was embroiled in very public contract negotiations with the team. He deserved top-tier quarterback money, but Jerry Jones kept balking.

Then in his fifth game of the season, Dak’s ankle was destroyed on a routine tackle by the Giants’ Logan Ryan on a routine tackle. Yet that incident wasn’t the most devastating moment in Prescott’s year.

That came in six months earlier on April 23rd when Dak’s older brother, Jace, committed suicide. He was 31.

2020 was a year to completely forget for Prescott. One that could have crippled him.

But he refused to succumb.

In a revealing interview with Sports Illustrated, Prescott discussed the horrendous year that was 2020.

Dealing with the physical pain of his gruesome injury was one thing. The death of his brother was a completely different situation.

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