Packers and Aaron Rodgers Are Finally Fined By the NFL


It’s a shame that it took so long for the NFL to fine both the Packers and Aaron Rodgers for violations that they should have been fined for much sooner.

If they can fine CeeDee Lamb multiple times for jersey infractions, they can lay the smackdown on Green Bay for Covid protocol violations.

After Aaron Rodgers’ whiny, ridiculous, excuse-laden, and privileged riddled rant last week after contracting Covid, the league has lowered the hammer on both the star quarterback and his team.

Per ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, the NFL hit the Packers with a $300,000 fine for “violations of the NFL and NFL Players Association protocols” and hit Aaron Rodgers with a fine of $14,650.

They also found time to hit unvaccinated Packers receiver, Allen Lazard, with the same fine of $14,650.

Many are upset, including other teams. They say it’s way too soft in light of the team knowing for months that he wasn’t vaccinated and still watched him break Covid rules.

When you recall that the Saints were fined $750,000 and lost a draft pick last season for violating league Covid protocols, you can’t disagree with their frustration.

The NFL and the Packers both knew Rodgers was unvaccinated since August when he used clever wordplay in his point-blank response to a reporter asking him if he was vaccinated.

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