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Being a Millionaire #WhileBlack

Business Giant Frank Davis Finds Racist Note In His Swanky Florida Hotel Room

Frank Davis (from Instagram)

Frank Davis returned from breakfast to his hotel room July 4, at Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota, Florida to find a note on his bedside lamp that read: “You’re A Nigger.” According to the New York Post, someone snuck into the room Davis shared with his family and put the post-it note on the globe of the lamp.

“I was stone cold for 30 to 40 seconds when I read the note,” Frank Davis’s son Michael, 27, told The Post.

This is one of a string of incidents that include police being called on black people doing everything from smoking a cigarette in a parking garage to wearing socks in a swimming pool to selling water for a trip to Disney. These #WhileBlack moments cut across economic status and geographic locations.

“The racial divide has never been eradicated in America, it was just dormant,” said SiriusXM radio host Karen Hunter. “The election of Barack Obama, brought a lot of the hatred to the surface. The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the racists, who now have a champion in the White House.”

Frank Davis is a millionaire and co-founder of Horizon Group, a Fortune 500 company. His son, Michael is a consultant with a financial firm. Art Ovation Hotel is a Marriott property. Marriott issued an apology to the Davis Family, who were on a family vacation, and offered a full refund. A spokesperson for the hotel said they are planning sensitivity training at the site.

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