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    QB Watson Subject of Racist Facebook Post

    Houston Texans players and coaches are rallying around DeShaun Watson after a Texas school official made a racist post about the quarterback on social media. Onalaska ISD Superintendent Lynn Redden is being criticized after making a facebook post saying, “you can’t trust a black quarterback.” Redden made the post after the Texans lost to the […] More

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    ‘Why Are We Portrayed As Terrorists?’

    A new study has been published by the MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition (MAAC) titled “Terrorists and Tyrants: Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Actors in Prime Time and Streaming Television.” The results of the study show there is a major gap in representation when it comes to MENA actors, who are mostly portrayed as terrorists […] More

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    Texas Woman Gets 10 Months In Jail For Voting

    Crystal Mason has been sentenced to 10 months in prison for voting in Texas. The 43-year-old mother of three, who cast a provisional ballot (which was not counted) in the November 2016 election, was sentenced today by a federal judge in Texas. In contrast, Terri Lynn Rote, a white woman from Iowa, was convicted of […] More

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    Sterling Brown Blamed For Violent Arrest

    Milwaukee’s top lawyer backs police officers’ use of a stun gun on Bucks guard Sterling Brown during a January arrest over a parking violation. City Attorney Grant Langley put the blame on Brown for the incident in a court filing on Friday. “The injuries and damages sustained by the plaintiff, if any, were caused in […] More

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    #WhileBlack Hits Nike in South Africa

    Several Nike stores in South Africa shut its doors after a video surfaced of an employee’s husband making racist remarks. Adam Catzavelos sparked public outcry after posting a video describing the scene at a beach as “heaven on earth” because no black people were in the area. The businessman, who is married to Nike Africa’s […] More

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    Laura Coates’ Emotional Plea About Race

    In her opening statement this morning on her SiriusXM Urban View radio show, Laura Coates made a tearful plea for the country to be more mindful about its racism and how it’s impacting young people. Coates shared a very personal story about her 4-year-old daughter who had been made to feel that she isn’t pretty […] More

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    UK Sports Media Called Out For Racial Bias

    Raheem Sterling is one of the United Kingdom’s Premier League’s brightest young stars of football (known as soccer in the United States). At just 23 years old, Sterling is currently a player for Manchester City as well as England’s national team. In 2014, he received the Golden Boy award from a pan-European panel of sports […] More

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    Five Things to Know About the NFL Protests

    The NFL’s preseason is underway and pregame demonstrations that have blurred the lines between sports and politics over the past few years have already resumed. Players faced more backlash from President Donald Trump last week, who remains a constant critic of the protests during the national anthem. But Trump and many other Americans opposed to […] More

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    Calling 9-1-1 On Innocent Blacks, A Hate Crime?

    New York State Sen. Jesse Hamilton has proposed the 9-1-1 Anti-Discrimination Bill, which would make it illegal to call the police on innocent Black people. The move comes after a Trump supporter called police on him earlier this month. Hamilton later uploaded a video of the woman who spoke of her loyalty to Trump, taking […] More

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    Having Dreadlocks #WhileBlack

    It’s the time of year when parents are rushing around, trying to get their children organized for their first day back at school. What should have been a joyous first day turned into a nightmare for one 6-year-old who was turned away from a private Christian school in Orlando, because of his natural hair. Clinton […] More

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    Al Jackson Calls Out Anthem Hypocrites

    Al Jackson, who is one of the co-hosts of Daily Blast Live, blasted hypocrites who say the National Anthem protests by NFL players is disrespectful of troops. This moment came after former NFL wide receiver Brandon London, who played for The Steelers and Dolphins and has a Super Bowl ring from The Giants, talked about […] More

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    Meet The Real Ron Stallworth

    All of this began in October 1978. As an Intelligence Unit detective for the Colorado Springs Police Department, the first black detective in the history of the department, I might add, one of my duties was to scan the two daily newspapers for any reports of information concerning any hint of subversive activity that might […] More

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