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Wellness Wednesday: More Energy

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During all of my speaking engagements, one question that always pops up is, “Where to you get your energy from?”

Most people are shocked because I never say protein energy bars or caffeinated drinks. I never say any of those muscle-building drinks I see people gulping down at the gym, before and/or after a workout. Yes, all of them give you energy, but they also give you some things you probably don’t want.

For instance, one of the most popular energy drinks on the market contains certain amino acids and also caffeine, sucralose, natural and artificial flavorings, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Any health professional could produce a strong argument that all of those ingredients are harmful to your body. However, they’ve been deemed to be safe by government standards and, of course, the companies that produce them.

On the other hand, before and after workouts I have been doing the same thing I’ve always been doing: consuming fruits and veggies. Before a workout usually I’ll eat bananas, oranges and drink lots of water. If it’s a humid and hot day, I’ll also take some sea salt. All of what I take helps with muscle contractions, cramping and gives you incredible energy.

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The truth is that you need carbohydrates to fuel you.

The human body prefers carbohydrates as its primary energy source and I prefer to get mine from natural sources, bananas and oranges, although you can eat other fruits. But, the real beauty of those sources is that there are no detrimental ingredients in them. You can’t find any health professionals that will say bananas and oranges won’t make you bigger, stronger and better.

That said, be mindful of the source of your energy. Getting the energy, while also consuming harmful substances, isn’t in your best interest long term.

Opt to get the best of both worlds by consuming more fruits and veggies.

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