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Walking Into Optimal Health

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A baby’s first steps usually mark one of the most celebrated and monumental moments in their budding lives. The more steps we take, the less excitement and enthusiasm surround each step. It often ends up being something people resent and avoid doing unless necessary. 

We’re sharing some of the amazing benefits of walking, and perhaps it will spark a renewed appreciation for this practical, free and life-changing action and exercise.

With the advent of advancements in technology, the world seems to have shrunk. The access to events happening in real-time events happening anywhere on the globe and our instantaneous access to a plethora of it information has made the world seem smaller. What has increased is the number of mental health challenges and stress in our societies. Walking aids in boosting your mood and decreasing stress according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). There is an increased blood flow to the brain and body, and endorphins (emotions are regulated by this chemical) are produced. It can improve sugar and blood pressure levels. 

Walking Benefits:

  • Improves the quality of sleep 
  • Aids in weight loss (10,000 steps a day suggested)
  • Extends life expectancy 
  • Saves money and helps the environment (less driving, less gas)
  • Supports weight loss and strengthens muscles
  • Energy levels increase

Some studies indicate that walking regularly can help manage or prevent serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart disease. A suggested start to your walking journey is for the first week five minutes a day, and then increase your time by five minutes each week up until you reach 30 minutes. A great long-term goal is eventually reaching 60 minutes for about 5 days out the week.

Before you embark on the journey of walking into a better version of yourself, please consult your doctor and get a customized plan to fit your unique health needs.  

Image Credit: Pxels

What’s the best way to begin a new exercise, if you find it mentally challenging to create new habits?

Take baby steps. One at a time, even if you are active for two minutes a day until it becomes a habit and increase your time gradually. Two minutes may seem like a ridiculously low amount of time to do anything, however, habit experts have discovered that two minutes is a very effective way to build new habits in your life.

Be excited about all the benefits that come along with this free powerful activity. It’s now your job to celebrate your walking as was once done for you soo many moons ago. 

Words by Kaba Abdul-Fattaah.

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