Spike Lee Blasts Trump

Talks About The Inspiration For BlacKkKlansman

At a Cannes Film Festival press conference for BlacKkKlansman, director Spike Lee unloaded on the current climate in this country and his film is so important. It was an emotional, expletive-laden indictment of the current racial climate in this country and what he feels is the cause.

BlacKkKlansman centers on a black police officer (played by John David Washington, son of Denzel and star of Showtime’s Ballers) who is able to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. It is billed as a comedy-drama, but those who saw it at Cannes, where it received a standing ovation, say it is more scary than funny. Oscar award-winning Jordan Peele, producer of Get Out, is one of the producers. BlacKkKlansman is set to be released on August 10.




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