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Once Again, Jalen Hurts Proves He’s Undoubtedly QB No. 1

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On Monday night, Jalen Hurts did what Lamar Jackson, Tua Tagovailoa and Kyler Murray did on Sunday.

Shut the haters down.

Using his arm and legs, Hurts crushed Minnesota by himself and led the Eagles to a dominant 24-7 victory over the Vikings.

But this isn’t the first, second or fifth time Hurts proved his abilities and demonstrated the fact that he is, unquestionably, QB no. 1.

Last night he did that and also proved that he’s one of the elite quarterbacks in the entire league.

Despite his accolades in college, many doubted the Sooners quarterback’s NFL potential when the Eagles selected him with the 53rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

His senior year was Heisman-worthy, and he would have won it had Joe Burrow and LSU not historically steamrolled through college football that season.

Hurts had more passing yards (3,851 yards), rushing yards (1,298 yards), and total TDs (53) than Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, and Jacob Eason.

Hurt was ranked behind all three, yet aas anyone even heard a peep from the latter two?

Hurts’ on-field performance failed to convince fans of just how good he was and how good he could be, so he sat behind Carson Wentz during his rookie season, finally get his shot during the last four games of the season.

That gave media “experts” like Todd McShay another chance to critique Hurts.

“Jalen Hurts, are you getting an upgrade here? I mean he completed 52%,” said McShay. “In four games he started, he threw three interceptions. He threw four interceptions over the season. I know the stats are similar when you look at Wentz and Jalen Hurts over this past year. I just don’t know that you’re getting a huge upgrade with Hurts. And I just wonder if Philly is comfortable moving Wentz and not bringing in another quarterback for competition, or as a backup or something that kind of gives you a better sense of what’s going to be at that quarterback spot moving forward.

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