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Mowing The Lawn #WhileBlack

Neighbors Call Police on 12-Year-Old Black Boy Mowing Lawns in Cleveland

Reggie Fields (from Facebook)

Lemonade stands, raking leaves, shoveling snow and mowing lawns have traditionally been ways for young people to earn money. Reginald Fields, 12, started a business “Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service, in his Maple Heights, Ohio neighborhood.

Fields, who employed cousins and friends to help him, was building a nice clientele until a neighbor called the police because he accidentally cut the grass of someone next door to the person who hired him.

“They said I was cutting their grass. I didn’t know it!” Fields told a reporter from Cleveland’s News 5.

Lucille Holt, Fields’s customer, said she was confused when the police showed up and couldn’t understand why the police were called because Fields had cut a section of her neighbor’s property (about a foot where the two properties butt together) by mistake.

Fields finished Holt’s yard, but said he felt a little discouraged afterward.

“I was like, that’s a shame. I didn’t know,” Reggie said.

Holt created a Facebook post chronicling the incident. “Mr. Reggie” is now getting requests for his services all over the city. He said he was earning money to buy new equipment.


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