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Honey: Earth’s Sweetener

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Honey has been sweetening the earth for as long as history can remember and has quite a few benefits. The buzzing marvel that produces honey is so tiny in comparison to the hefty impact it has on this entire planet.

Bees pollinate one-third of the world’s food, which includes vegetables, nuts and fruit. Half of the world’s oils, fibers and other raw materials are also due to the buzziness of bees. Honey is winter food for bees, but we are blessed to be able to enjoy it all year round, and the shelf life of honey can be years or even decades. However, it can go bad if it’s not stored correctly or contaminated. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and others used honey for many to cure gut diseases and wound healing.

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Honey’s anti-cancer properties are one of modern medicine’s most significant current discoveries.

Here are a few more of the many benefits of honey:

•Improves Heart Health
•Heales Sore Throat
•Helps with Seasonal Allergies
•Boost Memory
•Boost Energy
•Promotes healthy glowing skin
•improves cholesterol

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Using honey to replace table sugar helps improve diabetes. Plus, refined white sugar is more like poison, and honey contains flavonoids, minerals, vitamin c, calcium and more properties which enhance overall health.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that Americans drastically cut back on added sugar, which will help slow the epidemics of obesity and heart disease. They suggest no more than 100 calories, about six teaspoons or 24 grams for women, and no more than 150 calories for men (about nine teaspoons or 36 grams).

Meanwhile, a 12-ounce can of cola contains 39 grams or almost 10 teaspoons of sugar and the majority of packaged food in stores is filled with added processed sugar.

Bees and honey are even mentioned in divine spaces.

There is a Chapter named “The Bee” in the Quran which highlights facts about bees and bounties of honey:

“And your Lord inspired the bees: “Make ˹your˺ homes in the mountains, the trees, and in what people construct, and feed from ˹the flower of˺ any fruit ˹you please˺ and follow the ways your Lord has made easy for you.” From their bellies comes forth liquid of varying colours, in which there is healing for people. Surely in this is a sign for those who reflect” – (16: 68, 69).

As always, consult your physician before you go heavy with honey, especially if you have any pre-conditions.

Words by Kaba Abdul-Fattaah

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