Eric Bieniemy As USC Trojans Head Coach? Yes Please.


The Chiefs have been one of the NFL’s best teams over the last few years, thanks in part to offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy.

While head coach Andy Reid receives the majority of the credit for the Chiefs’ high-powered offense, Bieniemy has clearly proven that he is one of the best in the game.

Yes, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelse, and Tyreek Hill make this easier. But someone has to play composer and maestro to the Chiefs’ orchestra, and Bieniemy is their Amadeus.

Bieniemy has suffered the “Nah, we’re good” treatment from NFL teams, particularly this past offseason when only one Black head coach was signed, David Culley of the Texans, out of seven openings.

It was an infuriating and familiar scenario for Black head coaches, many of whom weren’t given a legitimate shot at a head coaching opportunity despite the Rooney Rule and pressure from elite names like Tony Dungy.

Eric Bieniemy fell victim to that suspect process once again.

But this week his name resurfaced in head coaching discussions.

Only this time it was at the collegiate level in Southern California.

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