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‘Black Voters Matter’ Sues Georgia Over Voter Purge


Black Voters Matter has filed a federal lawsuit with the United States District Court Northern District of Georgia Atlanta division, alleging that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger violated the National Voter Registration Act.

Raffensperger removed around 198,000 citizens from the voter rolls. He alleged that they had moved from their address listed on their voter registration, according to Greg Palast.

The lawsuit, brought in collaboration with Transformative Justice Coalition and Rainbow PUSH, states that none of those citizens had moved. They ask for a preliminary injunction to stop the SOS Raffensperger from obstructing these citizens from exercising their fundamental and legal right to vote in the upcoming January election.

The lawsuit comes less than a week before the Georgia voter registration deadline of December 7. The collective is hoping that voters will be put back on the rolls now — and are urging people to vote timed to January 5th runoff elections.

The state’s former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams aggressively worked towards ending voter suppression after the governor’s election was stolen from her in 2018. She has been lauded for flipping the state ‘blue.’

“Politicians believe their way to preserve their power is to impede the ability of voters to be heard. And typically they target people of color, young people, and they target the poor,” Abrams told CBS News. She is confident about the January election.

“People will do almost anything when they know success is likely,” Abrams said. “It is the actual thing that can change the future. And I believe they’ll show up.”

Originally posted 2020-12-03 12:00:48.

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