Bagel Karen

‘Bagel Karen’ Goes Viral Over Maskless N-Word Rant


A woman, who has been (un)affectionately monikered “Bagel Karen,” has gone viral after a video of her calling a bakery worker a “b*tch ass n*gger” was uploaded to the internet.

The incident took place at the Davidovich Bakery stand inside Essex Market on New York’s Lower East Side. In the video, Bagel Karen is asked to leave by the cashier, who is a Black male, for not wearing a mask.

Which is fair.

There’s currently a deadly virus ravaging the world. People with common sense want to be safe and not catch said deadly virus from morons who just don’t get it.

The woman attended the bakery with three young children who can be seen standing at her side as she faces the cashier. She tells him she cannot wear a mask. A security guard then informs the cashier that he is not required to provide service to someone who isn’t wearing a mask.

“Why? ‘Cause he’s a b*tch-ass n*gger, is that why?” the woman responds. “Oooh, that’s what he is.”

The security guard then asks her to leave, but it seems she is not done spewing her hate. “That’s what he is. I just said it. You heard it. It doesn’t affect me that you’re not going to serve me ’cause you’re a b*tch,” she adds.

Other customers then leaped to the defense of the cashier, informing her that she cannot use the racial slur.

But Bagel Karen is unmoved.

“I can call him whatever I want,” she clapped back. After another customer refers to her as “white trash,” she responded: “Oh, I’m white trash because I have Black kids?”

Yes. Bagel Karen has four biracial children.

After the video went viral, Bagel Karen, who was finally identified as Stephanie Denaro, spoke with The New York Post. It seems Bagel Karen also suffers from amnesia. She claims that she did not use the slur… even though we all heard her use it.

It’s on video... as are a few other of her racially offensive moments.

But Bagel Karen says she did not call him a “n*gger,” indicating that she was actually called him a “n*gga…”

“I didn’t call him the N-word,” she said. “I called him a term to describe his behavior. “Listen, there are different ways to spell things. I called him a specific word.”


Essex Market issued a statement distancing themselves from Bagel Karen, which we’re sure her workplace is also about to do if she’s gainfully employed.

“Essex Market, NYCEDC and Lower East Side Partnership strongly denounce the racist incident that occurred in our facility on Sunday,” the spokesman said. “Hate has no place in our city or in the properties that we manage.”

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