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Author Minda Harts Talks Companies Bridging the Wage Gap #BlackWomensEqualPayDay

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Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, and business author Minda Harts wants companies to know that bridging the wage gap is possible.

Not only is Harts the best-selling author of “The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table,” she is also the CEO of The Memo LLC.

According to Harts, Black women must work an extra 214 days to catch up with what white, non-Hispanic men made in 2020 alone. If that we’re disheartening enough, Harts shares that Black women are paid only 63 cents for every dollar white men make.

Harts’ recommendations include; inclusive hiring practices, pay transparency and equipping managers to be successful.

“Companies can change and implement hiring practices that center on Black and brown women that have not been prioritized in the past,” writes Harts for NBC News.

“I am not suggesting preferential treatment,” she clarifies. “What I am recommending is for companies and organizations to be intentional about having a diverse slate of candidates for all future positions at every level. And in addition, a diverse hiring committee should be formed to participate in the interview process. So much bias happens during the hiring process, and by modifying current hiring practices that might skew heavily to one demographic, gender, or race, implementing an equitable hiring framework will inevitably benefit the recruitment and advancement of women of color.”

Black women still have a way to go, but if companies are willing — change can happen sooner rather than later.

“The future of work can be successful for women of color if companies and organizations are willing to partner on the road to success,” says Harts.

Continue reading over at NBC News.

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