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Why Can’t Black Interim Head Coaches Get a Fair Shot in College Football?

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Mickey Joseph and Cadillac Williams both made college football history this season, yet we all knew their appointments were temporary.

Joseph was named interim head football coach at Nebraska after Scott Frost was finally fired. With his appointment, Joseph became Nebraska’s first Black head coach in any sport in Cornhuskers’ history.

Carnell “Cadillac” Williams became Auburn’s interim head coach after Bryan Harsin was fired. When he was elevated to the position, the former star for Auburn’s undefeated 2004 team became the first Black head coach in program history.

Those were both trailblazing moments for each man, but we all knew the celebrations would be short-lived for as soon as their seasons were over, new head coaches would be hired.

And, more likely than not, recycled white coaches would replace them.

On Friday, night, Joseph led the Cornhuskers to a season-ending win on the road over Iowa.

On Saturday afternoon, Nebraska gave former Baylor head coach Matt Rhule an eight-year contract as their new head coach. Think about that. Rhule, who is still owed $40 million of the seven-year, $62 million fully guaranteed contract by the Carolina Panthers, gets eight years to rebuild a team.

Meanwhile, Joseph inherited a program that was dismantled annually by Scott Frost and his five-year, 14-31 record.

Yet Joseph wasn’t given any serious consideration as the team’s permanent head coach. He was simply keeping the seat warm while athletic director Trev Alberts conducted a search.

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