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Talib Brothers Sued for More Than $1 Million Over Fatal Shooting At Youth Football Game

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In August, Aqib and Yaqub Talib were involved in a physical altercation at a youth football game that resulted in the fatal shooting of a coach at the hands of Yaqub.

It went down at a park in Lancaster, TX. An argument quickly escalated, punches were thrown and shots were fired by the older Talib brother that killed coach Mike Hickmon.

Videos surfaced of the fight, and witnesses later came forward and told Rebecca Lopez of WFAA that Aqib started the fight.

Yaqub turned himself in after the incident, and in September, he was indicted for murder by a Grand Jury.

A week later, Aqib stepped away from his duties with Amazon’s Thursday Night Football.

Yaqub’s attorney, Clark Birdsall, claims his client acted in self-defense and that he spoke with witnesses who back up their claim that Hickman actually instigated the fight.

“Yaqub Talib acted in self-defense and defense of others,” said Birdsall. “My client is not guilty. He looks forward to the day when he can have his day in court.”

Now, according to the Dallas Morning News, Hickmon’s family has filed a lawsuit against both Talib brothers and Big XII Sports League and Family Services.

The lawsuit claims that Aqib instigated the fight that led to Hickmon’s death. It also claims, per the Dallas Morning News, that Big XII Sports League and Family Services “failed to vet coaches and provide a safe and secure environment for its participants.”

Hickmon’s family is seeking more than $1 million in punitive damages from both parties.

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