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We Need Confidence #WellnessWednesdays

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In his book How Not to Die Michael Greger, M.D., covers the top 15 diseases that cause mortality in the U.S.A. As usual, in his videos and books, Greger pulls no punches and gives explicit detail, with tons of science-based references, to support his conclusions. Normally, when we think of diseases in this country, we’re overly concerned about catching a disease from someone else. 

Because of the coronavirus, there’s hyper-awareness regarding aggressive germs, bacteria and viruses waging war against the human body. We have been warned to excessively wash our hands, wear a mask, sanitize everything touched and stay six feet away from the closest human, all of which have induced a sense of paranoia in the country. However, the most interesting thing is that all of the 15 causes covered in How Not to Die are metabolically induced by eating processed and animal-based food, not by germs floating in the air. The question is should we be equally concerned about what we put in our mouths to sustain life?

The travesty in this country is that, during any health crisis, we’re never warned about what we eat (with the exception of something being contaminated). Yes, we’re told to cut back on carbs and fats and consume more protein, but those are abstract instructions that have been debated ad nauseam. We need specificity from governmental leadership. 

Sadly we will never get that because it would be anti-industry. Lobbyists would kill any campaign to truly educate the public. Someone would lose tons of money, namely the top food producers in the world, and that ain’t happen’.  

Now is the time to follow the “right” leaders to be healthy and not subject ourselves to self-destruction via forks and knives. Who are the “right” leaders?  Those who get the best results. As you will notice in How Not to Die, the cure for all of the top 15 diseases is greater consumption of plant-based food. To be specific, all of the vegetation you can purchase from the produce aisle of your local grocery store.  That must be the foundation of your diet. Those leaders who promote that concept are the people to follow because they get the best results regarding fighting the top 15 diseases. 

Believe it or not, it’s really that simple. Instead of paranoia, we need confidence in what we eat. That you will get from plant-based food.

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