U.N. launches St. Vincent appeal

UN Launches Appeal $29 Million for St. Vincent


The United Nations is seeking $29.2 million to help St. Vincent recover from the recent volcanic eruptions that devastated the island.

The La Soufriere volcano’s first eruption took place on April 9. According to The Associated Press, the ash piled up to 16 inches (42cm) high in some homes in the northern part of St Vincent.

The island’s prime minister Ralph Gonsalves tweeted in support of the campaign.

“In partnership with the @UN, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines launches the Global Funding Appeal to assist us in our efforts to address some of the many challenges arising from the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano,” Gonsalves wrote.

Gonsalves added that authorities are still determining the destruction but estimate that rebuilding will run “in the hundreds of millions of dollars” on top of “massive” humanitarian relief needs.

The volcanic eruptions have not ceased and have destroyed thousands of homes as well as crops. The water is also contaminated.


“The windward [eastern] coast is our biggest challenge today,” he said during the press conference of attempts to deploy water trucks. “What we are providing is a finite amount. We will run out at some point.”

Didier Trebucq, the U.N. resident coordinator for Barbados and the eastern Caribbean, painted an “apocalyptic” picture during an online press conference in St. Vincent.

“The devastating impact of this event on thousands of people is undeniable,” he said.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said officials are still quantifying the damage but that rebuilding will run “in the hundreds of millions of dollars,” on top of “massive” humanitarian relief needs.

More than 6,200 evacuees are have been distributed between 88 government shelters and thousands of others in homes or private shelters.

Funding raised through the Global Funding Appeal for the La Soufrière Volcano Response Saint Vincent and the Grenadines “will provide immediate lifesaving humanitarian aid including cash assistance and clean water, and support a sustainable recovery, including through repairs to homes and support for livelihoods.”

Originally posted 2021-04-23 13:00:00.

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