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Trump and DeSantis: Don Vs. Ron

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On the heels of an election cycle that is still….spotting, the country is gearing up for the next potential cramp in our democracy. Leading the way to what could be the smelliest part of the GOP’s sh*tshow-2024 looks like it will be the year of Trump vs. DeSantis for the Republican presidential nomination.

 Don vs. Ron. Scab vs. scum, you get the point. 

While the ex-Demander-in-chief’s actions rightfully repulse many conservative voters, many are still staunch Trump supporters, easily noted by demigod-esque flags with his name still littering roads across the south. If it’s one thing I know about white southerners, they love a flag denoting treason and the losing team. The G.O.P. will probably select Ron “big boy boots,” DeSantis to man the ship, as if he is the antithesis of Trump, but really he’s just another version of what Trump represents.

As these two will most likely go head-to-head, the best we can wish for is that Trump loses, but his egomania will not allow him to concede, ending in a split vote for the party. If the party supports Ron DeSantis, who, despite having an I.Q. below sea level, has managed to gerrymander his way into the hearts of Floridians twice over (not me, though), they will surely find a candidate just as adept at peeling back rights. Trump has presented quite the conundrum for the Republican party. He has a solid and formidable, although arguably illiterate, fan base. His fan base is galvanized by hate and trauma bonding over erectile dysfunction and loss of power over marginalized groups, so they really mean business. With any luck, Trump’s megalomania will have him funding his own failures and going independent. 

No independent candidate has ever won a presidential election, and hopefully, just enough votes for Trump will leave just too little for DeSantis, giving way to a Democratic win. The Democratic Party will have to still appeal to young voters who are very concerned with climate change and, honestly, just the down spiral of America. It won’t be an easy task for the Democrats, but it will be just as hard to mess up. While Joseph Robinette Biden has made some strides in the last couple of years, he may not do a good enough job resonating with voters and his V.P., who has laughed every minute of her life and may be hard to take seriously

DeSantis is just as bad as his former crony and shouldn’t be viewed as innocuous. DeSantis’ type of bigotry plays golf on Saturdays, has a Black nanny (who feels just like part of the family), goes to church on Sundays, donates seven cans of expired corn to the food bank and hopes its daughter will grow out of her phase of liking Black boys (but is not racist). The DeSantis voter doesn’t say the n-word unless they’re rapping along to a song. The DeSantis voter has more couth in its bigotry, more kindness in its cruelty and ignores its own racism in hopes that everyone will think it has gone away. Aiding in this, Ronnie has worked to eliminate conversations about race in schools and passed legislation which allows white parents to sue their kids’ schools for making them uncomfortable when learning about race. 

Ronnie will not be outdone.

He will be tough on learning about their crimes! I wonder if that works in reverse and doesn’t have a statute of limitations because I definitely have some horror stories about attending public schools in white Florida. Luckily for white kids, they are free to learn that America is the greatest international leader and fights for justice for all in every single country….except its own. 

Ronald, a former history teacher, is a believer in “education, not indoctrination,” but I’m sure he knows how history will see him, hence his objection to learning it correctly. And please don’t get me started on his “Don’t Say Gay,” legislation, essentially banning any conversation surrounding affirming a student’s sexual identity, including something as innocent as mentioning that Sally has two mommies. However, I’m sure learning about multiple wives is fine.

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