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There Have Only Been 3 Black Supreme Court Justices and 33% of Them Aint Worth a Damn

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Clarence Thomas has always been a name I remember. He was sworn in when I was a kid, and I remember not knowing the particulars. However, I do remember a can of coke and a strand of hair and a Black lady that looked sad, and that’s all I could remember until it came together as an adult when I learned that Clarence Thomas was a sexually deviant Uncle Tom and that the U.S. government humiliated a Black woman so that a conservative Black man could be shitty on a grander scale.

‘Cause let’s face it, Clarence Thomas is a sh-tty person—and not just because he’s a conservative, either. 

But how did a Black man who grew up dirt poor in Pinpoit, GA, a Gullah/Geechee community, grow up being Samuel L. Jackson’s muse for his character in Django (I’m speculating here, but what if I’m not)? Thomas credits witnessing the Harvard Square Riot, a 2000-person riot that resulted in a few broken bones and windows, firsthand was what turned him off to the leftist movement. Funny how one riot in Eastern Massachusetts can turn him off, but another one that happened two centuries earlier was venerable, to say the least. Thomas was not an exceptional student. He graduated in the middle of his class and felt that many firms would not hire him because they felt he got into Yale because of Affirmative Action. I guess in order to prove him wrong, he had to show affirmative action, whose boss and therefore ruled that it was unconstitutional, love it when people set their ladder on fire because they think they won’t ever need to come back down. Clarence Thomas was an easy do-boy pic for George H.W. Bush, a way to have an extremely conservative judge and to show that he was not racist at the same time. 

Sometimes when you hire the help to clean for you, you allow them to dress up in a fancy black and white outfit.

The pesky meddling of a Black woman whom he sexually harassed isn’t that big of a deal because sexual harassment is just something women have to endure and she’s a Black woman, so no one really cares or is going to believe her anyway, right? Gosh, I hope he never has to preside over cases of women having bodily autonomy or anything like that. 

Recently, Clarence was found to be accepting super expensive vacations from a billionaire ultraconservative and did not think that he should have to declare that on his taxes. How in the mickey fickey does the longest-standing judge, in the highest court of the land, not know the law, a very basic one that involves ethics?  Oh, not to mention, that same conservative super donor Harlon Crow, also purchased a home from Thomas’ family, and they, of course, forgot to disclose that as well. Maybe those law firms were right. Maybe he was just an affirmative action hire because in what world would someone who is ruling on high-profile cases of the land that are often involving a conservative perspective versus a liberal one? I don’t know, something like abortion rights, for example, would it be even remotely acceptable to accept large gifts from someone with a lot of money and very staunch beliefs while you preside over cases that may or may not be under his influence. 

But wait, there’s more.

It seems that Thomas has also been receiving income from the defunct real estate firm, Ginger Limited Partnership, which was dissolved, and its funds were transferred to Ginger Holdings, LLC. Hmmm, clearly just a clerical error. Maybe. But Ginger sounds a lot like Ginni, his wife’s nickname, well, because not all coincidences are a coincidence. His wife and her family owned the original company, even though her name is not mentioned as a holder on the latter company, but according to the Washington Post, she is the one to whom the reporter was instructed to ask for any further questions about the company.

And speaking of Ginni, he also forgot to disclose that she was working. Even though she made over $686,000 working for four years for a conservative watchdog group, Thomas did not report his wife’s income for those years. If his wife’s name sounded familiar, it’s because she was heavily speculated to have participated in the insurrection of Jan. 6. She also told senate leaders that she did, in fact, think that the 2020 election was rigged, but stated she did not discuss with her husband any of her post-election activities, mind you she is literally a conservative activist. I can’t imagine someone who believes that the highest election in our government was stolen would not speak to her husband, who is a judge in the highest court of our government, about how she feels the election was unlawful, whether he agreed or not.

Ginni Thomas and Clarence have been married for over three and a half decades. I’m sure that a marriage that strong has few secrets, especially when it survived Ginni’s aunt telling the Washington Post in 1991 that her niece’s new husband “was so nice, we forgot he was Black,…he treated her so well, all of his other qualities made up for his being Black.” You know what they say—when a couple has been together for a long time, they start to look alike.

Giving someone a position for life is supposed to make them impervious to the swindles of money and power, but if you weren’t sh-t, to begin with, all of that goes out of the window, and the Republican party was so wet to get a conservative judge and him being Black just seemed like taking candy from a baby. For being a diversity hire, Clarence Thomas is pretty much against the idea. For being someone who didn’t respect a woman’s bodily autonomy, he sure made a way to f-ck more women than he could ever have imagined.  A position for life sounded good when the writers of the constitution were using boats to fight the British, not sail to the British Isles on holiday. 

If the one branch of government that is supposed to not only uphold the law but be the standard is, in reality, substandard, then maybe even when the elections are bad, the positions gained from not even being elected are even worse. 

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