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The Porter Way Drives Shawn Porter’s Career, Family, Success and Life

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Shawn Porter was built for this.

He knew it was a calling for him and that he would be great at it.

It was something many aspire to be, but only a select few get the chance to actually do, much less succeed at.

So he prepared.

He first got the itch at an early age, putting in the work while kids were focusing on other activities that children partake in. His hard work, preparation and comfort in the spotlight separated him from others looking to enter the field. That made his indoctrination and transition to the industry seamless.

Even better, he loved it.

So when he finally got the call, he donned his suit, selected his tie and took the stage to make his debut in the field that starts with a “B”.

You assume that’s boxing since it’s Shawn Porter.

But no.

The “B” stands for broadcasting, and he’s just as serious about being in front of the camera as he is about being in the ring.

And, even more impressively, he’s just as good too.

Shawn Porter, Broadcasting Boxer

“I was 9 years old, 10 tops, when I did my very first interview,” Porter told me during our interview. “I remember being really excited and I just remember answering every question right.”

That experience crafted a career path for Porter at an early age, one that propelled him into his current role as a boxing analyst for FOX Sports.

“I don’t care if it’s radio. I don’t care if it’s TV. That’s what I’m going to do someday,” exclaimed Porter as he relayed his thoughts as a young teen.

Shawn Porter was a great athlete. He was even an All-Conference high school running back in Akron, Ohio. Yet he recognized early on where his future would reside and, shockingly, it wasn’t in the ring.

“I had the goal to be on TV and radio much sooner than I did for being a professional boxer,” admitted Porter.

That’s from someone with a great boxing resume, one that includes being a two-time world champion and a record of 31-4-1.

Yet when you speak with Porter, you understand.

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