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    Federal “Fun” Rate?

    Last week the Feds met and decided to raise the federal funds rate a quarter percentage point from 1.75% to 2%. It also indicated it planned to raise this rate twice more this year. To finance geeks like me my response was, “It’s about time!” However, to the average Main Street resident the response was, […] More

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    Bitcoin 101

    There is much discussion about the currency of the future and whether bitcoin, ethereal and other cryptocurrencies will last. A form of all of them is here to stay. It’s important that you understand this technology so that you can capitalize when opportunities come around. Blockchain is the technology that powers bitcoin. In very simple […] More

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    May Jobs Report Not Good For All

    According to the May jobs report, the United States has created 223,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate has settled at an 18-year low at 3.8%. Even hourly pay rates have risen by 8 cents, or 0.3% to $28.92 an hour in May. But one demographic is missing out on this rising tide which should […] More

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    Shark Tank’s Daymond John Gives Pitch Advice

    In a sit down with Karen Hunter at SiriusXM, Shark Tank’s Daymond John talks about the biggest mistakes made by people who pitch on the show and how they determine who gets the deals. He also calls out cast members like Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary. More

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    Go On A Savings Spree

    Everyone has an opinion on savings rates. Some say, just save three percent and work your way up to 10 percent or 15 percent, which usually means a one-percent annual increase done automatically if you know to check the box on your 401K form. I believe everyone should know the following: how much they want […] More

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    Net Worth Update

    May was a month of change for my personal economy and while I don’t always love change, I work to keep myself mentally ready for it because change is inevitable. This month I moved from Capital One/ Sharebuilder to Ally Investments. While the process was painless, it was still a long process from start to […] More

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    February 2018 Net Worth Update

    We haven’t had a stock market like this in almost nine years. This February was the first time in nearly a decade the market seriously headed downward. It made me grateful that February is a short month because the market didn’t have a chance to be as dramatic as it wanted to be. I’m down […] More

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    January 2018 Net Worth Update

    Financially, it was a rough January for me. I had a few things on the to-do list that I had been holding off on because they were expensive. Expensive for me. All told, the to-do list will cost me $1,700 dollars and while I’m grateful that I have the means to do what needs to […] More

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    August 2017 Net Worth Update

      August literally flew by. And it seems when you are committed to doing a monthly progress report, it goes by even faster. I’ve decided to break my financial goals down into quarters, which allows me to know if I’m on track to meet the larger annual goals that I’ve set for myself. One of […] More

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    July 2017 Net Worth Update

      I had a house guest and financially speaking, this month didn’t go quite the way I planned. My goddaughter came to stay with me for the month of July and I found myself operating completely outside of my budget. It was amazing to see what I usually spend on myself double in every area. […] More