Stand in Your Truth!


I am in the midst of a series, Standing in Your Truth, and it seems as if I cannot turn away from this topic. As a naturopathic doctor, I am deeply committed to treating the whole person – Mind, Body, and Spirit. In my clinical work I have come to understand that a myriad of health issues spiral out-of-control simply because one refuses to deal with their truth.

Truth is defined as that which is in accordance with fact or reality. The society in which we live today is plagued by those who live in false realities. The television spews programming being touted as “reality,” which is scripted and then wants us to swallow it as gospel and the trend I see happening is that it is easier to sink into a false reality than to deal with the facts.

The little denials are still a whole entire lie and the body has zero defense against it. Physiologically the body cannot tolerate a lie. The body has an innate healing ability and does a great job at caring for itself to maintain balance. This science is called Kinesiology. So, when an un-truth about absolutely ANYthing in your life is being told, forced to live and forced to swallow…here comes trouble by the names of dis-ease and dis-order. Every disease and disorder has an emotional component and, in my work, I can name the emotional problems based on your health.

One of the most prevalent health issues that arises due to un-truths are thyroid disorders. The American Thyroid Association states that women are five to eight times more likely to develop a thyroid issue compared to men. This, I believe, is due to women having a history of swallowing their truth and not expressing it in an effort to keep the peace. While the peace may be kept externally due to silence, inside there is a storm raging!

Stomach upset is also a by-product of not living in your truth.

True Story: When I married my first husband, I had a terrible upset stomach the morning of the wedding. I was un-easy and queasy but I dismissed it because I was about to have the perfect wedding. Then in the back of the church as I was about to walk down the aisle I told my Daddy, “I have the strangest feeling I shouldn’t be doing this.” It turns out that my Prince Charming married me knowing he had full-blown AIDS. He chose NOT to stand in his truth and I watched AIDS eat him alive unnecessarily. (Read full account in the bestselling book Faith Under Fire: Betrayed by a Thing Called Love).

I have seen many who have stomach issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heartburn, GERD, which eventually lead to auto-immune diseases. When asking a patient, the simple question, “When you were diagnosed, what was the situation in your life that you could not swallow and digest?” When the tears stop flowing, then the person is able to answer this question.

If you cannot swallow what has happened in your life, then you cannot digest what has happened. When you cannot digest an event, which troubles the spirit, the body cannot digest food. When food cannot be digested, the undigested particles float out from the colon and land in places where food should not be located and wreak havoc.

Undigested food in the Myelin Sheath = Multiple Sclerosis

Undigested food in the Lungs = Sarcoidosis

Undigested food in the Joints = Rheumatoid Arthritis

Undigested food in the Connective Tissue = Lupus

Undigested food in the Muscular System = Myasthenia Gravis

I rest my case.

Recently, I have had a few guests on my SiriusXM UrbanView radio show “Ask The Good Doctor” who have stood in their truth and are soaring. Monika Pickett and David Haughton are a man and a woman who both knew early in their lives they were gay. They have conquered being ostracized from family, and taunted as teens because they were different.

These people are an inspiration because they are not afraid to speak about their challenges. They have swallowed, and digested what has occurred in their lives and have moved on in a positive direction.

The emotional work on your body is equally important as your physical work. As I continue to teach about attaining, maintaining and reclaiming perfect health, may I encourage you to stand in YOUR truth no matter what it is. The truth will do your body good…because only the truth will make you free and keep you healthy.

Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire can be heard every Sunday on SiriusXM Urban View on Ask The Good Doctor.

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