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Stacey Abrams’ Voter-Suppression Doc ‘All In’ Heading to YouTube at Midnight


Stacey Abrams’ documentary “All In: The Fight for Democracy” will soon be available to watch on YouTube for free.

The documentary, which premiered last month on Amazon Prime, explores the long and troubling history of voter suppression, following the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate’s fight for fair elections.

Amazon Prime Video will make the presentation available for free on its YouTube channel beginning Oct. 29 at midnight ET until Nov. 1.

Abrams knows all too well the impact voter suppression can have on democracy. In 2018, she lost the election for Governor to Brian Kemp. Kemp and his team were accused of preventing thousands of Georgians from voting.

He denies the allegations.

Since the controversial election more than two years ago, Abrams has made it her mission to ensure that all voters know their rights and highlight nefarious mechanisms working behind the scenes to strip citizens of their fundamental human rights, especially people of color.

“From the inception of our country, race has been the most singular target of voter suppression,” Abrams said. “Women were silenced in the Constitution; they were not considered part of the body politic, but the explicit exclusion of Blacks — we were denied humanity, Native Americans were denied existence and then the 1790 Naturalization Act said that only white people of good character could even think about moving to the United States and becoming citizens, so that knocked out everyone else.”

This past week, Abrams has been busy on the road campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden. The former Georgia House of Representatives minority leader reminded attendees at Wednesday’s Daytona Beach rally of what is truly at stake.

“Do we want someone who lies about the facts, hides the truth or refuses to take responsibility?” Abrams asked. “Or do we want a man who has admitted mistakes, who’s done everything in his power to make things better and promises to lead our country forward, not backward?”

Originally posted 2020-10-29 13:00:11.

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