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Recognize the Police Stop of the Delaware St. Women’s Lacrosse Team for What It Really Is

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The story surrounding the Georgia Police’s stop and search of the Delaware State women’s lacrosse team becomes more suspect as the story unfolds across the media.

It all began on April 20th when the team was traveling north on I-95 through Liberty County, Georgia. The Hornets were returning to campus after their final game of the season against Stetson University in DeLand, Florida.

That’s when Liberty County Sherriff deputies stopped and boarded their bus.

According to the story in the Hornet Online written by sophomore lacrosse player Sydney Anderson who was on the bus, the bus driver was told that he was pulled over because he was driving improperly in the left lane, which is a traffic violation.

The deputies then informed the students that, as Anderson writes, “they would be checking their luggage for any possible narcotics, such as marijuana, heroin, methane, and ketamine.”

One of the officers said “If there is anything in your luggage, we’re probably gonna find it….I’m not looking for a little marijuana, but I’m pretty sure you guys chaperones will probably be disappointed if we find it.

“If there is something in there that is questionable, please tell me now because, guess what.. we’re not gonna be able to help.”

Despite pleas from the players that they weren’t in possession of any drugs, the officers opened their bags in search of illegal substances.

To make the situation even more nerve-wracking, four additional officers arrived on the scene, the player’s personal effects were tossed out of their bags and a K-9 dog was ultimately brought on board to sniff their luggage.

The driver was also instructed to open the bus’ cargo bay to extend their search.

Anderson writes that officers justified their actions by claiming they were searching for illegal drugs and signs of child trafficking.

On a bus with women’s lacrosse players.

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